Interior Decorators in Dublin

Hayden Painting has worked with some of the finest interior decorators in Dublin for three decades. Our custom-made interiors are unique, functional and stylish. Our highly-skilled painters are trained in decorating many kinds of interiors, and can adapt to any kind of space or aesthetic needs

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Painting Interiors

Hayden Painting’s team of interior decorators in Dublin will employ every technique and method at their disposal in order to create the interior project of your dreams. Using only the highest-quality painting equipment with an extensive colour selection.


We can adjust our materials to any budgetary needs. We use high end brands like Farrow & Ball, Colourtrend and Little Green for clients who require a sleek, iconic finish. However, our talented painters will spare no artistic expense and still produce high quality interior design for you with economical brands like Crown, Deluxe and Benjamin Moore.

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Some of finest interior decorators in Dublin can be found in Hayden Painting. Here are some services our decorators typically perform, from painting to interior objects.

Full interior painting packageInterior objects, accessories and furniture suitesAssistance with theming your current interior design
Extensive WallpaperingHand painted kitchensWall panelling

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Corporate Projects

Office spaces can hugely benefit from bespoke interior design, especially when designed by some of the finest selections of interior decorators in Dublin. Studies have been conducted showing the effect of a work environment on employee’s mood and productivity. Ensuring you have functional, yet visually appealing and comfortable interior design and furnishings throughout your office can help keep your employees happy and workflow high.

Interior Painters FAQ

  • What kind of interior design projects have you worked on before?

    We have previously worked with a large number of clients, both in domestic and commercial settings. From large-scope artistic endeavours to elegant wall panelling, our website portfolio shows examples of our finest work.

  • How long do projects usually take to complete?

    Naturally, each project is different, but we pride ourselves on our talent and our quick service. We will deliver you a reasonable timeframe to ensure you get an excellent project completed with no time wasted.