Hand Painted Kitchens

Hayden Painting provides clients all over North Dublin with the very best in professional hand painted kitchens. 

By utilising over 3 decades of hand painting experience we can create beautiful kitchen colour palates which complement and celebrate the interior décor of a domestic kitchen. 

From rustic kitchen styles to streamlined contemporary colour palettes, our expertise and eye for detail helps us create stunning, stylish and modern kitchens. 

Our team of hand painting kitchen experts are available all over Dublin and can advise and recommend the right paint colour and finish for the specifics of your home kitchen.

Hand Painted Kitchens Dublin

Hayden Painting has been offering clients the very best Dublin hand-painted kitchen services for over 30 years. 

Our team of Dublin kitchen painter’s work in close collaboration with the client, to revitalise their kitchen and their kitchen cabinets. 

By combining our range of luxurious paints with a empathise on surface prep, we create long-lasting finishes that exemplify the very best of modern hand painted kitchens.

To book your next Dublin hand-painted kitchen service, get in contact with Hayden Painting today.

Kitchen Cabinet French Polishing

Hayden Painting offer an expert French polishing service that revitalizes and reinvigorates your kitchen cabinets.

From traditional to contemporary kitchen cabinets our French polishing procedures leaves wood with an elegant and rich finish.

Our French polishing service uses traditional hand polishing techniques which covers the full spectrum of wood finishes. From antique wood finishes to more modern varieties our French polishing service is customized to the unique requirements of your home's wooden kitchen cabinets.

To discuss how our French polishing service can help revitalize the  wooden kitchen cabinets in your property get in contact with Hayden Painting today.

Hand Painted Kitchens FAQ