Exterior Painters in Dublin

For 30 years, Hayden Painting has worked with some of the finest exterior painters in Dublin in order to produce one-of-a-kind, outstanding displays. Our painters are highly-praised and have acquired techniques and methods to effectively produce exterior projects that can properly resist most forms of natural damage and abrasion.

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Painting Exteriors

Unlike other exterior painters in Dublin, the team at Hayden Painting take care to produce long-standing and durable projects regardless of environment or climate. Protection from the elements is guaranteed thanks to our tested in-depth surface prep procedure.


The team at Hayden Painting in Dublin is a class above the majority of exterior painters in Dublin.

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Want to use the services of some of the finest exterior painters in Dublin? Here are some services our painters typically perform.

Front Door DesignsAll kinds of surface painting – Wood, Vinyl, GlassWindow Design
Application of weather-resistant paint coatsWindow and Door CaulkingSpray finishes for quick turnarounds

Our painters are ready to tackle any project thrown at them.

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Commercial Projects

An easy way to make your business or company stand out would be employing the services of the exterior painters in Dublin at Hayden Painting. We work with anyone from local butchers to brand-new tech start-ups to help their premises stand out from the crowd.

Exterior Painters FAQ

  • How much does it cost to hire one of your exterior painters?

    Depending on your project and scope, we need to determine the equipment and workload needed in order to effectively deliver on a great, durable project. If you call us, we can discuss price options and how to get the best deal for your exterior painting.

  • What kind of climates have you tested your materials in?

    Our painting materials have stood up against many forces of nature such as extreme wind and rain from storms, as well as periods of high temperatures and freezing spells in wintertime.